Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lunch 12/12/09

Anyone who knows me, knows that if I didn't have to work, I wouldn't. Weekends are now times when I am able to do 'my own thing', and though I am not always sure what that will be, often times it involves some time spent in the kitchen. Right now I enjoy keeping things simple, neither fancy nor complicated, adopting a 'less is more' approach. In the past I might have dismissed food like that as boring, but now I see a challenge in using fresh seasonal food to make food that has character, soul and allows the ingredients to speak for themselves.

I am intrigued by the concepts of slow-food and the challenge of sourcing foods from within a 100mile radius from home. Some day I hope to tackle the 100 mile challenge, but recognize that right now making that lifestyle change might be difficult. Thus, presently, I am content approaching food with the mind to keeping it minimally processed and seasonal, representing my present mood and place in life.

This morning, I enjoyed homemade muesli, given to me from my friend Julie, inspired from Heidi at 101cookbooks, accompanied by cafe au lait made with coffee from the Oregon Coast in my aeropress maker. After that, I spent a couple of hours at my friends' home 'shopping' for gifts presented by their friends (artists) at Roberta's annual event called "Fatto A Mano" - made by hand. Felted wool stones, handknits wools, etched italian prints, handmade precious gemstone jewels. Spending a few (!!!) dollars I got hungry and prepared this lunch:

Not quite 100 mile sourcing, but somewhere under 200, except for the parmesan cheese and olive oil. The Mediterranean, unfortunately, is greater than 100 miles away.... I used bacon and pork from the Swinery, vegetables from the farmers' market (cannellini beans, lacinato kale, leeks, thyme), a poached egg and homemade grain mustard. I was lucky that our Seattle winter, though crisp and cold, has so far been sunny, affording afternoon sun to allow me to take the photo. Good food is good, no?

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